10 Most Horrifying Cities To Live

There are many good and bad things in this world. Everything has a good and bad side. If we talk about the places, cities and countries then there are many places that are ideal to live in and have a family. But there are also many places that are considered as worse places to live in. Even if these places are worse to live in, people are living in these cities/places. It is quite fascinating to think that how a human can adapt to any environment or atmosphere, provided to him. Even though, people know about these worse and horrifying places, they are still living in these places.

Mumbai, India

Mumbai, India

Mumbai, a city of India is struggling with the problem of vast amount of garbage. This problem is also created by the inhabitants of this city. Government is trying desperately to overcome this problem. There landfills are totally filled to the brim. Now that the landfills are almost full, they are throwing the garbage on the streets. The government is thinking of creating a new landfill to get a grip on this issue but it is also getting difficult. They tried to burn the waste but the air pollution it caused will devastating.

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