29 Life Hacks That Make Life Easier

Life hack basically mean, any trick or shortcut method that increases the productivity of life. Life hacks are easy, money and time saving. This term was basically used by computer experts that are suffering from information overload. So they created some shortcuts to remember things. Life hacks are actually the tricks that we perform in our daily life to save time and money. It not only refers to the computer technology anymore. In old age, these problems were still present at that time when technology was not very advanced. At that time people used to work with hands and used to do it by themselves. Now-a-days, there are always these pesky little things in our life that makes everything so difficult. On internet there are many little lifesaving hacks that come in handy. Some of these hacks are:

1: Tie a small piece of bright colored cloth on your luggage to save yourself from the trouble of finding it in the airports and checking whether it is yours or not. Usually it is quite a hustle to find your luggage in crowded places.

2: When you want to cut, cross or remove unwanted letters or words from your text instead of scribbling over them, write random words on them. By doing this the text will not look messy and the mistakes will also not attract unwanted attention on itself.

3: If you don’t want your door to latch then use a rubber band on it. Put the rubber band in such a way that the door handle on both sides is pulling the ends of the rubber band and making a cross on the lock of the door.

4: Now-a-days, mobile phones are becoming everyone’s need. Every single person is having a cell phone. Some people are very used to cell phones and when they want to watch something on their phone they often lean their phones on something that eventually makes it to fall after a while. This is quite a problem. If this is bothering you then use sunglasses to lean your phone on it.

5: If you want to make your shoes water proof then use a bees wax on it. Bees wax is a lubricating compound. When this wax is spread on your shoes, the water will not soak your shoes instead it will fall off.

6: Whenever someone hands you a business card, always take a picture of it. This will be very helpful in your future if you lose it by any chance.

7: When you are ironing clothes, the most frustrating thing is when you are ironing a button up shirt and the buttons stuck to the iron. In this case, flip the shirt inside-out to iron it easily.

8: if you have old newspapers then don’t throw them away and make a use of them by putting them at the bottom of your bin. By doing this, the juices of food will be absorbed by them and your bins will not be wet and smelly.

9: When you are travelling, keep a scented soap in the same compartment as your dirty laundry. It will help you in keeping the dirty clothes from smelling too much.

10: If you want to fill a container that does not fit in the sink then use a clean dust pan to fill it. Put the dust pan under the water in such a way that the holding side is facing at an angle so that the water is running down from it down in your container.

11: Women are usually trying to make new dishes in their free time. They use cook books but it is a hustle to handle them and cook at the same time so cook book holders are produced. But if you want an inexpensive cook book holder then use a pants hanger instead. It will save you money since it is present in every house.

12: Load-shedding is becoming a very common problem in many places. When this happens then try to use your mobile phone torch in a water bottle to make a lantern because in this way light distributes better in the surrounding area then the direct beam.

13: If you have an old pen then don’t throw it away instead use its spring to keep your charger from bending and breaking.

14: If your keyboard feet are broken then fix them by replacing them with binder clips.

15: If you want an ice cold beer bottle then wrap a wet paper towel around it and put it in the freezer. You will see that just in 15 minutes it is ice cold.

16: When you are making pancakes, it becomes very difficult to keep your kitchen clean so to keep your kitchen mess free while making pancakes, put the pancake mix in a ketchup bottle.

17: There are many same shaped keys. It is very difficult to identify them just by a single glance. So to keep away from this mistake, use nail polish to identify them.

18: Try freezing grapes to chill white wine without watering it down.

19: For iced coffee and iced cappuccino, use frozen cubes of coffee so that the drink does not get watered down.

20: if you want to keep your pot of water from boiling over then try using a wooden spoon across it. It will ensure you of the water from boiling over.


21: The right way to clean a blender is by putting liquid soap and water inn it. Blend it afterwards then rinse it.

22: To cover up dings on your furniture, try using walnut. It will cover up for your damaged wooden furniture.

23: Toothpaste is a very efficient cleaner. If you use it to clear up the hazy headlight with it, the headlight will be as clean as new.

24: Keep your seat warmer on if you want to keep your pizza warm while you are travelling home.

25: By keeping a plastic wrap on the stem of your bananas, they will remain fresh even over a week.

26: Keep your plastic water bottle quarter filled and lay it to the side of the freezer. This way if you want cold water then even if the bottle is frozen, you can have space to fill your bottle up with water and you will have cold water instantly.

27: The easiest way to remember things that needed to be bought during grocery shopping is to take a picture of your fridge.

28: When you are heating the leftover, always space out a circle in the middle of the plate so it will heat up evenly.

29: If you have a cat as a pet and the cat loves to sit on/in front of your computer then put a top of a board game upside down and set it off to the side of the table. The boxes are like magnets for the cats. They will always sit in them.

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